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Renowned Commercial Vehicle Rental Services

Rental Booking

Trusted by clients across India, Pykit is a renowned logistics service provider, offering commercial vehicle rental services amongst a range of others. We have expertise in handling all kinds of goods, including fragile products that need additional attention. With an experienced team on board who share the same goals, we make sure that your consignment, big or small, reaches its destination safely & on time.

Benefits of Commercial Vehicle Rental Services

At Pykit, we aim to create a unique and better experience for our clients by making the journey of their goods safe, smooth, fast & affordable. With our exclusive services, we aim to overcome industry challenges.

Multi-Carrier Vehicles

We offer a range of vehicles to suit your requirements. These include Chota Hathi, Mini Trucks, Lorry, Carrier, & so on.

Direct Transportation

If you hire Pykit to rent a commercial vehicle, you can rely upon its direct transportation. This means that once your goods are loaded, we only unload them at the destination with no exchange of hands in between.

Fast Delivery

PyKIT facilitates fast delivery as there is no unloading-loading required in between the journey, saving lots of time.

Smooth Process

Our experts assist you with the permits & permissions required to transport bulk goods across different cities. This allows smooth shipping with no interruption due to lack of paperwork.


Using state-of-the-art technologies, we enable you to track your consignment and when & where it is at every stage of the process


We provide a wide range of vehicle options for you to choose for rent with multiple choices like full truckload, partial truckload.