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Fleet Management

How Automation Technology is optimizing Fleet Management System

The logistic industry is thriving itself like never before, where it is supplying fuel to the world economy in this new era of globalization. Tech-driven logistic and supply chain services that are enabled with AI and IoT are also spreading their roots to drive market growth. The flow of goods, physical material, fluid, inventory stock, equipment’s from point of source to its destination and to meet up with customer expectation needs a highly effective and efficient management system in the logistic sector. We all live in the golden era of the digital world where the entire working capacity has shrunk itself in just a fraction of a second away from the button.

Today technology is playing an impeccable role in the logistic and supply chain domain. According to recent analytics, the game-changing technologies that are boosting maximum its share in logistics is IoT & blockchain to 52.7%, AI to 51.3%, robotics to 44.6%. These technologies are not only assembling logistics more operative but also enhancing fleet management system at its best. For any logistic company there is 4 tower that is required to embark systematic freight management service, namely:

  •   Proper communication system
  •   Accurate vehicle tracking system
  •   Vigorous monitoring System
  •   Robust IT security system

One Stop Solution for All Type of Freight

Coalescence of IoT & blockchain-powered analytics in the supply chain has shaped unabridged transparency in a fleet management system that enables the shipper to monitor every stage of their shipment until it is delivered to its desired destination. Real-time visibility and tracking have helped companies to optimize their fleet operation to a greater extent than has resulted in shortening of TAT & ETA and hence, enhancement of productivity. PLMS Solutions created by Amazin Automation Solutions have caters automation of entire plant logistic operations that has empowered logistics operation more transparent, sustainable, speed oriented & productive.

Here in PyKIT combination of intelligent technology has optimized the fleet management system in a very smart way which has proven helpful to all the stakeholders associated with the logistics and supply chain operation including shipper, carrier, consignee, and owner. With the successful implementation of all the logistics operation that has optimized logistic workflow by 30% and has helped us reach to best outcome in logistic & supply chain segment. Accountable benefits are:
  •   Highly automated system for proper planning, monitoring & operating for all processes
  •   Reduced fuel consumption
  •   Mitigate fuel theft
  •   Ensure fleet safety and security
  •   Centralized data management with common platform
  •   Improved transportation vehicles utilization
  •   Increase business productivity
  •   Monitor driver activity
  •   Manages all compliances centrally
  •   Get instant notification for speed alert, maintenance alert, Fuel alert, Vehicle ideal alert etc