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In order to locomote India’s highly unorganized logistics sector towards an organized one, PYKIT India Pvt. Ltd. has taken one step forward with the same intention and provides end-to-end logistics service in India. In India logistics contributes about 14% in its GDP across different industry verticals and yet there are several bottlenecks which have to be overcome that results in high cost. Now it’s high time to engrain tech-driven technology in India’s logistics and supply chain to make it more efficient and productive. Pykit provides an integrated platform that will act as a catalyst in forming a direct alliance between the transporter & shipper by eliminating middle man from the system and hence lowering the domestic & global logistics market cost. We are riding on the road to establish India’s prime choice for goods delivery with all types of consumer focus.

Pykit aims for the best logistics service in India by meeting all shipping requirements instantly on one platform with affordable price, multi-carrier options, same-day delivery, and 24X7 customer support, boosted security, real-time visibility, and tracking of all your shipments. We serve Online Trucks Booking through our Application on Play Store and Shipper can do direct enquiry on our portal. Pykit focuses on operational efficiency and follows high standards to meet our customer’s satisfaction. With very imminent parameters in technology digitization and mobilization Pykit is leading towards reforming logistics and supply chain automation. We work as an aggregator model which is AI-integrated & data-driven application for industrial shipping and logistics solutions for goods movement, connecting the global logistics value chain in the marketplace. Our key strength is a strong network of vehicle connectivity all over the city with well-trained and verified transporter operators and drivers that aids fuel to our services. Our shipping and logistics services are well planned, simplified & tech-savvy which is one click away. PyKIT Logistic Services has a millions of Happy Customers and we gives a multiple Logistic Transportation services city to city anywhere with in India. Just one Step Away, Users can easily download our PyKIT APP and Book Online their Shipment or Schedules their Shipment, then Our PyKIT Vehicle will reached their doorstep with minimum time.

Why We Are The Best Logistics Company in India

We have a strong presence as the best logistic company in India because of our strong values and services that we offer to our customers. We are expanding at a good pace with excellent service quality. With continues growth in the supply chain and logistic sectors in India, we aspire to become the best shipping partner for every industry segment across India.


We follow ethical practice and remain transparent with our various stakeholders. With our best tracking system, we provide real-time visibility and transparency

Innovation & Value Driven

We give importance to innovative technologies to deliver real business value. Our AI and IoT enabled tools make our service more time & cost effective.

Carrier Choice

As we have robust network of multiple carriage options, thus providing a wide range of vehicle choice to our customers as per their requirements. Highly planned processes facilitate better carrier collaboration

Customer Oriented

With more then 25,000+ happy customers, we make sure to keep our customers on priority. Our focus remains to keep our best service possible.

Enhanced Security

We reduces the risk factor in the entire delivery process by being more vigilant. Facilitates higher visibility & traceability starting from quoting, planning, execution, monitoring & settlement of all processes.

24x7 Customer Support

We resolve all the issues/errors proficiently and deliver desired results with proper planning, execution, monitoring

On-Time Delivery

We have proven track record for on-time delivery of goods, as we understand our customer’s business need.

Competitive Price

We ensure to provide best price available in the market with excellent discounts rates by our transporters or shipper.

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Make shipping simple and hassle-free that everyone thinks they are an expert.


Facilitate robust connectivity of your stock at every store on the wheel.


Connect with the effortless delivery system to ensure continued excellence & savings.


Manage all your multiple shipping needs on a single & integrated platform.


Build a direct communication bridge between your transporter and goods owner.


Deliver value to your business through seamless shipping workflow.

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We transport standard on wheels with a truly personalized service at your door-step.

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